Death of a Wimpey

Wed 18 Jan 2012

Introduction by Calum Laird, Commando Editor...


At the end of October last year at the Dundee Comics Day, two men were honoured for their outstanding contribution to the comics artform. Though they are not related, they share the same surname and, as you can see from this book, they have both worked for Commando.

I'm talking, of course, about the two Kennedys, Cam and Ian, who together produced the art for this tale. Ian's cover wonderfully captures a stricken Wellington bomber trying desperately to land, while the characterisation and movement Cam brings to the inside art is outstanding...

... and let's not forget scriptwriter Ken Gentry's contribution to this classic Commando story.

(Death of a Wimpey, originally Commando No.469 - April 1970. Re-issued as No.1335 - July 1979.)

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