I Flew With Braddock

Thu 01 Sep 2011

Read the Opening Chapter of this Classic Adventure!

I shall never forget him as long as I live. Matt Braddock was his name and he was one of Britain's greatest pilots of the Second World War.

He flew everything from clumsy Hampdens and Whitleys to the sleek Mosquitos and powerful Lancasters, and was master of them all.

His war exploits thrilled Britain and won him the Victoria Cross and Bar, and many other medals and honours. But Sergeant Matt Braddock was not interested in honours, all he wanted to do was get on with the war and finish off the enemy.

On the ground, he fell foul of many Brass Hats, with their red tape and pompous discipline, but even they had to admit that, in the air, Braddock had no equal...

(From the dust-jacket of the first "I Flew With Braddock" book)

The first chapter of "I Flew With Braddock" is presented here.


Sergeant-Pilot Matt Braddock, V.C. and bar, was one of Britain's air aces of the Second World War. The exciting tales of his amazing war exploits were first printed in "THE ROVER" and the adventures of Sergeant Braddock V.C. are a regular feature of this famous story paper for boys.

(Preface to the first "I Flew With Braddock" book)

And there's even more about Braddock in our three part "Action and Adventure in the Comics" feature.

(This article originally appeared as a tie-in to the National Army Museum exhibition Draw Your Weapons: The Art of Commando Comics - September 2011-April 2012.)

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