In the Air...

Wed 08 Dec 2010

Action and Adventure in the Air!

Air travel has led to the most modern form of warfare, which has led to some of the most spectacular Commando tales. High-flying heroics, pitched battles above the clouds, enemy fighters roaring out of the sunset, and near deadly drops into enemy territory are just some of the staple ingredients in these adventures.

From the early days of hot air balloons and zeppelins, through bi-planes and Spitfires, to high-speed jet planes, helicopters, and stealth fighters, the skies above are an exciting arena for the kind of action that is Commando's speciality, and this is Commando's take on Air Warfare.





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  1. abe
    abe29 January at 7:19PM

    I feel as if I am up in the sky, flying the exciting combat missions which the heroes of the air battles featured in Commando comics experience. Jolly good show.

  2. Maiki
    Maiki18 January at 1:36PM

    Oh man, simply unbelievable; I grew up on Commando Comics since I lived as a kid in a country with no TV, let alone computer games. They heavily influenced my outlook on life especially with qualities like: Courage, loyalty, initiative, mateship. No wonder I'm now obsessed with WWII docos, Battle of Britain DVD, Battle for Europe Flight Simulator flying Spitfires & Typhoons on Dogfights & going on Ground Attack missions.Look what you've done to me, Lol!