Mystery in the Desert

Mon 21 Nov 2011

Introduction by Calum Laird, Commando Editor...


As I recall, Ken Gentry - who penned this tale - was a South African newspaperman with a sideline in Commando stories. I worked on a few of his over the years. Here he weaves a web of deceit with a double-crossing British agent, a straightforward Aussie pilot, and a luckless German commander.

Cecil Rigby who provided the inside art for this story had also worked on newspapers, as a very good caricaturist, and he wasn't bad at Commando either, having been in at the start.

Ian Kennedy, who provided the cover, puts himself in the cockpit of every plane he draws. I hope he made an exception with this one - that looks like a painful crash.

(Mystery in the Desert, originally Commando No.1370 - November 1979.)

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