Take our Air Warfare Quiz (Part Two) ...

Thu 09 Dec 2010

It's a battle all right - of wits!

Match your deadliest weapons - that's your wits, recruit! - against the Commando Quizmaster. It'll take all your skill and not just a little luck. The mission will not be easy and many of you may not make it through to the end...

AQW Article 2


Question: 1

Why was a Zero fighter so called?

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  1. Cromwell29
    Cromwell2903 November at 6:50PM

    Not bad! May I have a Spitfire Squadron?

  2. england
    england06 December at 7:59PM

    yeah Air marshal First try on both quiz's

  3. Anthony0812
    Anthony081214 October at 3:35PM

    Hi, my name is Anthony. Got Air Marshal 9/10 first time. Nice quiz.

  4. Dh mosquito
    Dh mosquito29 December at 8:45AM

    Hi my names Cameron. Got Air Marshal last time but only

    Squadron Leader this time

  5. Retsilaear
    Retsilaear22 August at 5:51PM

    Air Marshall 8/10. Simply won't do old boy! Very rum performance. Ought to be ashamed of one's self.

  6. James Isola
    James Isola21 May at 8:43PM

    pity i only got to sqaudran leader i am sooo going to do better next time

  7. Hanz Frei
    Hanz Frei31 March at 2:27PM

    Air Marshall - 10/10. But then again, I should score this as a fan of avaition and these comics. As a kid (I'm a big kid now) I used to read these comics and my Grandma used to buy them for me. Watch out for the hun in the sun!

  8. Ingleside
    Ingleside14 February at 8:38AM

    Air Marshall....I wish it gave feedback on what questions I got wrong

  9. archie1
    archie125 January at 4:40PM

    hi my name is archie and i reached sqaudron leader

  10. jasek
    jasek14 January at 8:07PM

    Hi all just made Air Marshall. I used to read these amongst others when i was a lad in the 70's early 80's. Glad they're still going strong.

  11. hazza
    hazza04 January at 8:52PM

    hi im harry and im 11 years old. just got into commando and they're awesome, just got one called trap for a jap, im also a squacron leader

  12. privateBillyUK
    privateBillyUK06 December at 7:03PM

    Hey all im Billy im in my mid teens and about a year ago i started to read Commando comics, i cant get enoough of them they are just flipping awlsome. about 5 mins ago i braught a commando comic, its call 'Code-named Boris' and its in Mint condition, it was made in 1976 and the issue number is 1077. im also a 'squadron leader'.

  13. dmellowmk
    dmellowmk25 November at 3:39AM

    Right! Squadron Leader. Tally ho and all that. I've just re-discovered Commando comics. I first read these as a 10 year old in the mid-70s when I'd visit my English cousins in London. My dad was stationed in Germany at the time. Love the series then and so glad and suprised they are still being produced. Good stuff.

  14. Noble Korhedron
    Noble Korhedron31 October at 6:52PM

    Squadron leader. Must've got a few wrong.

  15. tejasy23
    tejasy2323 September at 2:35AM

    I am a squadron leader!

  16. Bertie Blum
    Bertie Blum12 September at 11:01PM

    By jove! A few questions and it turns out I'm a Squadron Leader! Point me in the direction of my spitty, I'm off to have a bash at jerry before tea and cakes in the mess. Tally Ho!

  17. chinyoonching
    chinyoonching07 August at 12:25AM

    1st timer; just try harder to survive the Battle of Wits

  18. craigus
    craigus18 July at 6:16AM

    Just love it - What a great teaser - really a bit of fun - Thanks Commando - I only made it to Squadron Leader - Heaven help my flight group

  19. Sgt. Gandalf
    Sgt. Gandalf29 June at 4:35PM

    i have enjoyed commando books, since the mid 60's, and have come back to them now

  20. spexman
    spexman18 June at 8:42PM

    Smoke me a kipper! I say, squadron Leader.

  21. Phil
    Phil17 June at 7:28PM

    Mein Gott, Squadron Leader!

  22. dazz419
    dazz41903 June at 12:35AM

    I say, jolly good show Squadron Leader.

  23. CommandoAirCadet
    CommandoAirCadet17 May at 10:43PM

    I am Air Marshal!

  24. minimorgs666
    minimorgs66603 May at 7:56PM

    ye gods im squadron leader

  25. corpral:sean kearney
    corpral:sean kearney14 April at 6:50PM

    hello im sean. i love commando comics the first one i read was SNATCH SQUAID . i like reading about ww2.

  26. shwong
    shwong12 April at 8:06AM

    Yahoo! I'm an Air Marshal.

  27. shwong
    shwong11 April at 1:46PM


    BENNYBOBOBO02 April at 9:49AM


  29. colcool007
    colcool00727 February at 7:39PM

    Wish I was getting the money for that rank...

  30. Captain kartikeya
    Captain kartikeya14 February at 2:40PM

    Ye gods, that was too close for comfort !

  31. Aussiegunner
    Aussiegunner12 February at 6:01AM

    Thankfully I'm a gunner not a pilot. That was my worst effort yet at these quizzes