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Thu 01 Sep 2011

Milestones in Commando history - in covers

Surely the most arresting feature of "Commando" is the cover. Designed to make an immediate impact on the shelf and on the reader, to distill an entire 64 page story into a single memorable image - and for many years, they were the only part of the title to feature any colour at all.


These bold and striking covers, partnered with the hand-crafted title lettering, are the essential "Commando" in many ways - action and adventure, heroism and sacrifice in a single image.

In this article we examine cover images from milestones in the life of Commando, and chart a journey through the development of war stories in pictures.

Click on the thumbnail to see an image with expanded information, or click the issue title to see the cover alone.

(This article originally appeared as a tie-in to the National Army Museum exhibition Draw Your Weapons: The Art of Commando Comics - September 2011-April 2012.)

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  1. gigs64
    gigs6410 August at 2:52PM

    Commando has been very good all the 50 years. I have 3 of the issues you mention here.