A Sense of En-title-ment - Creating Classic Titles

Mon 13 Dec 2010

Some mementos from the days before PCs...

The title of each Commando issue is a unique creation, designed to complement the title and enhance the cover artwork. Nowadays, the titles are created on computers (using programs like Illustrator or Photoshop).

Up until the 1990s however, the titles were hand-drawn or hand painted (often on acetate as you can see here) - and hand cut.

Title Day of the Coward

Designers would lay out the title on paper as a rough, then transfer this to painted acetate when it was approved.  This was then used in conjunction with layout boards (along with the logos described below). When a final combination was decided on, it was sent to be photographed and used with the artwork to generate a complete cover.

Here are a few of those hand-lettered titles on transparent film, relics of a time when the cover pages were laid out by hand.

Title Escape to Battle

Title Warpath

As a bonus, here are some shots of Commando logos, created in a variety of colours by the same process. The person laying out the cover and pick a logo according to colour tones, trying to match the logo with the issue's hand-painted cover artwork.

Logos All

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