Operation Spraypaint

Tue 21 Aug 2012

One wall, two men and 16 tins of paint


You'd be annoyed if someone came into your back yard and spray-painted the walls, wouldn't you? Not if the two spray-painters in question were John Dyer and his mate Andy Morley because this is the result! Great work, lads, really great work.

Anybody recognise the inspiration for it?

Peter Richardson spotted the source for the mural...as you can see.



Thanks, Peter.

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  1. Biggles-266
    Biggles-26629 May at 2:28PM

    That's outstanding! Brilliant work!

  2. action
    action19 January at 7:01AM

    Amazing work and good story!

  3. Peter Richardson
    Peter Richardson27 August at 12:12PM

    P.S. Really excellent job by John and Andy!

  4. Peter Richardson
    Peter Richardson27 August at 12:11PM

    Battle Picture Library No. 32, published October 1962, 'Blaze of Glory' original cover painting by Nino Caroselli.

    Cracking cover and a great story, the final panel is a knockout!