What Commando Means To Me - A Personal Recollection

Mon 13 Dec 2010

A Commando Staffer Remembers...

Memories Watch this ManI used to look forward to grabbing an issue of Commando every month - trying to decide which one to get (we were only allowed two comics, and the other one had to be the Dandy!) by looking at the cover and guessing which would be the most exciting.

Memories Issue 1Back then stories had to be set in World War II - it would be a bit later before the magazine got to telling stories set in other conflicts and other eras. Of course, they had a way around it - the flashback!

Issue SpreadThe issues I particularly remember have something that I think of as quintessentially Commando about them- a cracking good story, detailed and well-observed artwork, a strong cover, a real sense of history...I could go on!

Commando InteriorCommando is important to me. And not just because I work on it! I think it has a lot of positive things to say about the nature of heroism, duty, and comradeship, no matter what 'side' we're on; and how we each have our part to play (small as it might be) in history. I think those are things that will always need to be said, and should always be remembered.

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  1. kenk
    kenk13 May at 9:09AM

    Always loved the books as a kid, still do as an adult, found some cheap ones in a market stall and bought 16 for £2, really takes me back, cheers, ( some old ones for original price of 10p!!!!!!

  2. joda
    joda25 February at 11:20AM

    this a brilliant website and comic i wish i could be one of the brilliant artest or have the very first one

  3. kaiser1
    kaiser114 December at 7:59PM

    This new web-site is great! I can't wait for more editorials to be put on. Great job!