Tue 15 May 2012

Calum Laird, Commando Editor, introduces...


This is a well-crafted tale and no mistake. Sort of "Ice Cold In Alex" meets "The Great Escape", to use a film comparison. The author manages to make what could be a tedious trek across the desert riveting by introducing a... well, let's just say a wild card to stop spoiling it. It's skilfully done and works really well.

The cover is a magnificent piece of work - you could almost see it as a film poster, too. There's menace and fear in that face rendered in blues and blacks.

The inside art holds up its end well, lots of dark half-shadows matching the tension of the tale, and plenty of movement when the action gets going.

Well worth another airing 50 years on.

(Break-Out!, originally Commando No 41 - October 1962)

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