Choose Your Weapons!

Thu 07 Jul 2011

Here's a chance you don't get every day!

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations, we've been having fun choosing some special Commando stories to re-issue. So much fun we've lost entire days to just browsing through the back catalogue. So much fun, in fact, that we thought we'd give you the chance to make your selections from your favourite issues too!CoverFreize

Interested? All we need is a title from you. The title with the most nominations will make a fresh journey to the printers. We'll keep you up to date with the voting here at

Some of the most popular suggestions so far are:

The Death Or Glory Mob

Mystery In The Desert


To make sure your choice is in with a chance, just drop us an email at !

Nominations close on 19th August 2011, so get your despatches written and sent! And if you want to, tell us why it's your favourite. We'd really like to know!

PS We've a signed cover poster and a signed Carlton Collection waiting for two of you. We'll choose the names at random from those who make suggestions.

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  1. Cromwell29
    Cromwell2916 October at 5:57PM

    May I push for 'Destroyer'? Was issue 669! 40 years ago!

  2. Crazyhorse
    Crazyhorse12 July at 2:13PM

    I would like to see Issue 1652 MIGHTY McGuire, I read this one till it fell apart, cant remember the story too well but I certainly remember the front cover!

  3. Sadbri
    Sadbri11 July at 12:46PM

    Can i suggest Thunder Mountain, first issue i ever bought, i remember the Alpini regiment who become allies, and a treacherous slide onto a mountain ledge.

    Also Rescue Mission, involving saving three generals from the 3 allies, by three seperate rescue teams, artwork by Livingstone, always my favourite......tks