Death In the Sun

Tue 07 Aug 2012

Calum Laird, Commando Editor, introduces...

Death in the Sun main

I hope nobody minds that we've slipped back into 1961 for this story, making it 51 years old instead of just 50. Once you've read it you'll see why we didn't want to let this one get away.

A fortune-teller's prophecy, good friends at each other's throats, and the constant menace of death without warning. Oh, and a twist in the tail. This is classic Commando fare.

Once you've opened Ken Barr's menacing cover, Garcia's art is full of action - check out page 11 for just one - pushing the story forward at a breathless pace.

So, will our hero live or die? Find out in this issue.

(Death In The Sun, originally Commando No.13 - December1961)

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