Gun Fury

Wed 25 Apr 2012

Calum Laird, Commando Editor, introduces...


Ken Barr's cover sets your expectations for this story. The single figure, gun in hand, grenades at the ready - and with a thick black outline to throw the image out - lets you know this is going to be an all-action story. If you were in any doubt, though, the first page by Ortiz, with its dramatic title lettering, underlines the cover's promise.

The story, penned by Elliot, doesn't disappoint - any story where members of the Parachute Regiment capture and take over a Tiger tank has to be a winner.

And yet, it doesn't shy away from war's darker side. In this story good men die, friends are lost, as conflict takes its toll. And that's maybe not what you would expect.

(Gun Fury, originally Commando No.24 - May 1962)

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