Knife for a Nazi

Fri 06 Jul 2012

Calum Laird, Commando Editor, introduces...


A new boy having to prove his worth to an established group, and in particular its leader, is a well-used theme in all fiction, although in just issue 16 it was new to Commando comics. Here, author Elliot uses that set-up to bring an extra tension to an action-packed Commando special mission, and in so doing makes it more than just a war story.

Mind you, he had to do something a little bit special to live up to the promise of Ken Barr's super-menacing cover. Can you feel how sharp that knife is?

The black-and-whites from Salmeron have wonderful British-ness - the Commando CO's 'tache in particular. This Spanish artist served Commando for many years, and this example shows you why.

(Knife For A Nazi, originally Commando No.16 - January 1962)

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  1. Lance-Corporal Jones
    Lance-Corporal Jones06 July at 4:44PM

    Has anybody else noticed that this comic is pretty much identical to Ambush at Dawn from the D Day: Fight or Die compilation? I'm sure it is a mistake of some sort but it is quite annoying!