Take our Land Warfare Quiz (Part One) ...

Thu 09 Dec 2010

It's a battle all right - of wits!

Match your deadliest weapons - that's your wits, recruit! - against the Commando Quizmaster. It'll take all your skill and not just a little luck. The mission will not be easy and many of you may not make it through to the end...

LWQ Article 1

Question: 1

Who commanded the British forces at the first battle of Alamein?

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  1. poland-hg
    poland-hg27 August at 10:02PM

    I got major o good

  2. poland-hg
    poland-hg27 August at 10:02PM

    I got major o good

  3. poland-hg
    poland-hg27 August at 10:02PM

    I got major o good

  4. gigs64
    gigs6426 July at 5:37PM

    I got Genral. I think I am wrong with the numbers of tanks.

  5. General Fred
    General Fred08 July at 9:08AM

    at ease lads i am general

  6. General Fred
    General Fred07 July at 9:45AM

    What I got lutenant

  7. General Fred
    General Fred07 July at 9:39AM

    I'm major on 1st go trying to live up to my name

  8. gigs64
    gigs6418 April at 6:43AM

    I am a Genral. Fall in!

  9. gigs64
    gigs6416 April at 6:26PM

    Got general!

  10. Challenger
    Challenger05 April at 9:18AM

    U think majors good! Try and get gen like the rest of us.

  11. Challenger
    Challenger05 April at 9:16AM

    General on first go.beat that

  12. priyabrata
    priyabrata23 January at 12:14PM

    hurray! I'm a major on first go

  13. england
    england12 December at 5:39PM

    yeah general, highest rank first time on almost all the quizzes

  14. Gardner10O
    Gardner10O24 October at 10:12AM

    i am a general

    over the top boys and in to glory

  15. Gardner10O
    Gardner10O24 October at 10:10AM

    did you know Captain kartikeya, captain's fight on the front line

    majors on the other hand stay in H.Q

  16. Gardner10O
    Gardner10O18 October at 2:29PM

    a New Zealand major on 1st go

    not bad land warfair. i like fighting on land easer then in the scy or on warter

  17. sidcontact
    sidcontact05 October at 4:31AM

    General. Got 8 right.

  18. jonathan samuel
    jonathan samuel19 March at 10:06PM

    52 years not completely wasted. got General first go

    FIELD MARSHAL08 April at 4:04PM

    BOO YEAH! 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  20. Gunsalongtheriver
    Gunsalongtheriver19 March at 12:27AM

    I got General 1st time!!

  21. marcfisher
    marcfisher17 January at 1:11PM

    we got general first go yeah yeah

  22. jasek
    jasek14 January at 8:14PM

    Ok lads stand to i just got General

  23. dmellowmk
    dmellowmk25 November at 3:51AM

    Major, right lads, 20 years and buggered out with the rank of Major and a small pension. Right!

  24. tejasy23
    tejasy2323 September at 2:38AM

    I took the land warfare quiz(part one) and got a Major's rank.

  25. mark3151
    mark315119 May at 12:46PM

    major wonder which 2 i got wrong

  26. shwong
    shwong12 April at 8:35AM

    Gee, only a major???

  27. ARMY
    ARMY24 February at 3:15PM


  28. Captain kartikeya
    Captain kartikeya14 February at 2:44PM

    Yeah !!! i will comfortably sit in an h.q !!!!

  29. mazdarx7
    mazdarx706 February at 4:21AM

    is there any overseas post service for the comics in country like malaysia?

  30. kaiser1
    kaiser115 December at 7:29PM

    Er...question? I'm taking it as what was a tank trap?

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