Night Raider

Tue 29 May 2012

Calum Laird, Commando Editor, introduces...


Women in Commando are a rare sighting but, like buses, when they do turn up there's more than one. I counted at least three in here, and a bit of romance.

Don't think that it means that Stainton's story isn't an all-guns-blazing story, as it is - running from the beaches of Dunkirk to a full-on Commando raid in France, and with barely time to reload along the way. His touch means that the espionage, beautifully pointed up by Ken Barr's dramatic night drop cover, manages to be action-packed, not tension-filled.

Add to that Alonso's 100mph inside art and you have a solid gold winner. Makes you proud to be part of the Commando Team.

(Night Raider, originally Commando No.35 - April 1962)

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  1. saroon
    saroon14 March at 2:34AM

    Just got back into these brilliant comics after reading them as a kid in the late 1970's