On Land...

Wed 08 Dec 2010

Action and Adventure on Land!

Land warfare has provided some of Commando's most memorable storylines. There have been adventures set in the cold, wet mud of no-man's land, and across scorching desert sands, from mountain top to underground bunker, on home turf and on enemy soil.

We've followed heroes marching on foot, and at the controls of tanks, riding into battle on horseback and at the wheels of jeeps. From infantry and artillery men to spies and P.O.W.s, from the days of Ancient Rome to modern warfare in hostile territory, this is the story of Land Warfare told through Commando.





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  1. spectrejdm5303
    spectrejdm530321 December at 5:22AM

    Gordon Livingston was always my favorite artist. The comics with his work had the greatest stories too, very clever!

  2. andyowens
    andyowens27 May at 4:10PM

    Im 43 now, but I always bought Commando when I was younger and looked forward to each issue. You once did a wh-dunn-it story called Mountain of Death, with seven soldiers on a deadly mission but one of them was a German spy. Top one that!

  3. Zed Bank
    Zed Bank21 April at 9:27AM

    The Great thing about commando is their grittyness deep stories and likeable characters

  4. L.T-John
    L.T-John01 April at 8:47PM

    I maybe 12 turning 13 but I have a massive passion of the commando comics. Because I can relate to them.

  5. abe
    abe29 January at 7:16PM

    I believe that Commando Comics are by far the best action comics in the world. Many have tried to replicate the majesty of Commando comics, but have utterly failed.

    I am die-hard fan of Commando Comics.

  6. regi
    regi20 January at 2:37PM

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