Steadfast! Commando at the Gordon Highlanders Museum

Tue 12 Jun 2012

Commando Covers Break Cover In Aberdeen

Exhibition title

Here's a good reason to take a trip to Aberdeen this summer. The Gordon Highlanders Museum in the Granite City is displaying nearly 50 Commando cover art paintings. They'll be shown just as they left the artist's drawing board, without lettering or any other embellishments. Not many people get the chance to see them like that.

To give you a taste of what's in store for you, besdies a warm welcome from the Highlanders, here are three of the pieces chosen by the team in Aberdeen.

First up is Ian Kennedy's art for "Three...Two...One...Zero!" Originally No 974 from October 1975, it was re-issued as No 2315 in October 1989. The working title was "Frogmen".

Cover 974

To see the other two without title and headings, you'll just have to get yourself to the Museum (which is only a 10-minute taxi or bus ride from the city's main shopping centres).

Cover 123

Cover 4237

The show opens on July the 9th and runs until the 30th of November. There's a special exhibit concentrating on the part the Gordons played in the North African campaign to mark the 70th anniversary of the battle of El Alamein.

For full details of the Museum, opening times, admission and where to find it, log on to:

The Gordon Highlanders Museum, Aberdeen

Tell them Commando sent you.


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