The Cop Who Went To War

Tue 12 Jul 2011

George Low, former editor, introduces The Cop Who Went To War.


The Military Police do a difficult and dangerous job, and it's not always appreciated by the common soldier, sailor or airman. In the rough and tumble of war, men fresh from action often don't take it well when a Redcap gets on their case. How to win the doubters over? Prove that you are as tough and as capable of dealing with the enemy as the front-line fighters are.

Roger Montague shows this up well in a crisp 1975 script and Ibanez-Igual did his bit with the line artwork. The cover? That's Ian Kennedy, of course. He draws a mean motorbike as well as the aircraft he's renowned for.


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  1. jordan
    jordan14 July at 8:32PM

    this one was really funny book