They Called Him Coward!

Mon 14 Nov 2011

Calum Laird's introduction to No.4445...


A classic Commando tale, this! The victim of a misunderstanding must prove his accuser wrong - with plenty of action along the way to add some spice. That the two men are on the same side but different nationalities hardly matters - nor that there's a third character trying to be a peacemaker between them.

What does matter is the use of the emotive word "coward" in the title and throughout the story. It's one of those loaded words that can't be spoken except with venom - as amply demonstrated in the issue by Sergeant Fettis.

Note to the 1961 Commando editor... the word "Coward" in the title is far too small, make it bigger (!).

(They Called Him Coward! originally Commando No.2 - June 1961. Re-issued as No.2531 - January 1992.)

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  1. CommandoCO
    CommandoCO24 January at 1:42PM

    Re-issued as No 4445 in 2011. e-mail to see if they still have copies in stock.

  2. spear103
    spear10323 January at 6:45PM

    that they called him coward no2 looks awsome!