War in the Snow

Thu 12 Apr 2012

Scott Montgomery, Deputy Editor, introduces...


In hindsight, the middle of summer - in this case, July 1987 - may have seemed like an odd time to publish this gripping, but decidedly wintry-looking tale.

Nevertheless, Denis McLoughlin's icy art is spectacular in this issue. In the opening sequence alone, the snowflakes almost come out of the page and make you shiver.

Cover artist Keith Walker's dynamic representation of a German snowmobile is brilliant. Keith was a staff artist - now enjoying retirement - who could find himsellf working on Bunty or The Beano... and everything in between.

Finally, a typically exciting script from Alan Hebden, which contains the longest single word I've ever seen printed in Commando! (Hint for those with the issue to hand: It's on page 22.)

(War in the Snow, originally Commando No.2104 - July 1987)

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