On Sea...

Wed 08 Dec 2010

Action and Adventure on Sea!

The sea, treacherous, cruel, and unforgiving, has been the location for some truly gripping Commando stories. From the icy waters of the Arctic and Antarctic to the shark infested shoals of the Caribbean, the stirrings of the seas have stirred the thirst for adventure in many a hero.

In tales that have spanned centuries as well as oceans, we've set sail on Viking longboats and battle cruisers, on pirate galleons in tropical climes and in high-tech submarines that prowl the shadowy depths, this is a Commando-eye view of Naval Warfare.





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  1. abhaysapru
    abhaysapru29 January at 7:28PM

    Par excellence. The best naval action comic books: nay, THE BEST ACTION COMIC BOOKS EVER!!!

  2. abe
    abe29 January at 7:17PM

    Utterly stupendous.