Take our Sea Warfare Quiz (Part One) ...

Thu 09 Dec 2010

It's a battle all right - of wits!

Match your deadliest weapons - that's your wits, recruit! - against the Commando Quizmaster. It'll take all your skill and not just a little luck. The mission will not be easy and many of you may not make it through to the end...

SWQ Article 1

Question: 1

Why is a sailor called a "jack-tar"?

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  1. Cromwell29
    Cromwell2914 October at 9:05PM

    I didn't do too bad! Admiral. 9/10 again!

  2. acadiancorp
    acadiancorp28 March at 8:41PM

    maybe a little easy.

  3. KTB
    KTB28 March at 1:51AM

    Admiral, who said reading commando books instead of doing my homework would hurt my career,

  4. Rdrpltr271
    Rdrpltr27128 March at 12:47AM

    Admiral...but it was a bit easy....

  5. jguy
    jguy28 March at 12:06AM


  6. TommyTuna
    TommyTuna27 March at 8:51PM

    Admiral! How about that?

  7. Johnjay8884
    Johnjay888427 March at 8:41PM

    Admiral, not bad!!

  8. julianboats
    julianboats27 March at 7:49PM

    Thats me Admiral.

  9. Coookieboy
    Coookieboy27 March at 6:54PM

    Herr admiral Zur gut

  10. Tam Edmondson
    Tam Edmondson27 March at 6:52PM

    I'm a captain

  11. sticky
    sticky27 March at 6:44PM

    Admiral as well

  12. darklord
    darklord27 March at 6:07PM

    I am z Admiral

  13. Footy
    Footy27 March at 5:09PM

    I got rank captain, I'll settle for that.

  14. lapwing68
    lapwing6827 March at 4:50PM

    Admiral with 10 correct answers.

  15. lapwing68
    lapwing6827 March at 4:50PM

    Admiral with 10 correct answers.

  16. lapwing68
    lapwing6827 March at 4:49PM

    Admiral for me wow.

  17. Arkroyal1
    Arkroyal127 March at 4:49PM
  18. Arkroyal1
    Arkroyal127 March at 4:48PM


    Do u want my bank details for my admiral pay

  19. dickface
    dickface25 March at 9:32PM

    i got ranked captin

  20. doubledutch1971
    doubledutch197128 August at 6:17PM

    Admiral, that'll do

  21. jasek
    jasek14 January at 8:23PM

    Admiral so General Quarters swabbies lol

  22. tejasy23
    tejasy2323 September at 2:39AM


  23. clyneclan
    clyneclan15 September at 1:51PM

    Admiral! :D

  24. Vodka4U
    Vodka4U04 July at 10:16AM

    yay captain vodka!!!

  25. steve1969
    steve196920 May at 7:47PM

    obviously had the best teachers money could by, 10 out of 10. warlord and victor comics, cant beat em

  26. spexman
    spexman20 May at 7:31PM

    Captain spexman thank you very much.

  27. 10PhillipsJ
    10PhillipsJ16 May at 8:40PM

    i got the rank of petty officer

  28. minimorgs666
    minimorgs66603 May at 8:13PM

    Admiral get in

  29. hunterstone
    hunterstone15 April at 7:28PM


    BENNYBOBOBO26 March at 8:25PM


  31. CommandoAirCadet
    CommandoAirCadet06 March at 2:41PM

    8 Right, so i am an Admiral!

  32. dvdoba
    dvdoba28 February at 7:48PM

    I'm an admiral but I dont know which questions I got wrong!!!!!

  33. colcool007
    colcool00727 February at 7:43PM

    All those years of reading Warlord have not been in vain!

  34. cammham
    cammham21 February at 9:12PM

    oh yay

  35. cammham
    cammham21 February at 9:10PM


  36. Captain kartikeya
    Captain kartikeya14 February at 2:47PM

    I'm proud to be Herr Kaptain