Unseen Naval Artwork

Thu 09 Dec 2010

A selection of previously unseen behind the scenes illustrations.

Boat Ref Article Image

The Commando writers and artists have always taken great pains to make sure the military trappings shown, the uniforms, vehicles and weaponry, are as authentic as possible. Before the internet made searching for reference material a much easier task, books on militaria and military history were the main source of information.

But you could never take it for granted that the artists, many of them working in other countries, would have access to the same reference books. And while the scripts would include details of what was wanted, too many technical specifications would lose a lot in translation. Luckily the editorial staff could rely on a large art department to provide detailed drawings showing precisely what was required. And, when it came to naval vessels, the late Jeff Bevan was the man to call on.

As a staff artist, Jeff had drawn comic strips for the likes of 'The Rover', as well as many Commando covers and features. A lifelong aficionado of ships and boats, which he also painted as a hobby and a successful sideline, Jeff rarely had to consult any books, relying on his comprehensive knowledge of the subject to get him started on the sketches.

Until now, these detailed drawings have gone unseen by all but the Commando editorial team and the artists who received copies of them alongside their scripts. Here are just a small selection of Jeff Bevan's naval drawings, with further examples here and here.

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  1. Mikeo
    Mikeo18 December at 2:29AM

    Greetings and Salutations , new member here from the western end of lake Ontario, Gaud, there are some great pictures of my favourite subjects here on Commando comics. Hopefully I'll post some of my art works when I get accepted into the community, but for now, keep drawing TNX Mikeo

  2. General-major John Dick
    General-major John Dick15 January at 9:55PM

    This is an excellent piece of military equipment for battle for the Mediterranian/Alantic sea Stop

    This is so good that they should get more drawings of naval craft stop

    General-major John Dick