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Suitable for ages 8-80, these epic self-contained stories pack in 63 pages of classic black and white adrenaline-filled comic artwork set against global military backdrops. With stories ranging from the Roman and other Ancient Empires, to Medieval and Viking combat, World War 1, World War 2, The Falklands War, The Gulf War, modern special forces and even future wars — there is something for all fans of history, the military and comic art!

Commando truly is the home of heroes, covering air, land, and sea battles as classic comics show the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, Home Guard, Special Forces and SAS do their bit to fight back against the Nazi regime. But that’s not all! Commando heroes come from all corners of the globe to defend what is right with a strong moral code. For Commando, war and conflict is a backdrop to tales of comradery and friendship in the face of adversity! This means Commando is no stranger to Science Fiction and the Supernatural as elements like ghouls and zombies, time travel and super abilities come in to play too!


Celebrated for its renowned artwork, with interiors and covers from British and international comic legends such as Ian Kennedy, Cam Kennedy, Gordon C Livingstone, Jordi Penalva and Jose Maria Jorge, the story illustrations are a crisp black and white, while Commando covers are always filled with explosive colour. Beautiful artwork combined with Commando’s unaltered digest-sized format make it the ideal comic for collectors.


After nearly six decades of publication, Commando is a nostalgic favourite for dads, husbands, and grandads, as well as something to share with kids, making a subscription or our full-colour Graphic Novels ideal gifts at any time. And there’s more! A modern revamp is seeing more female led and written stories, showcasing how women have impacted history in all wars including the First World War, the Second World War and onwards into the future!

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