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Marked Man

Issue Number: 5234

Pete Barton was a very secret agent. He was known only as L’Ombre – “The Shadow”. His dangerous job took him far behind the Nazi lines to occupied France where he ruled second to none as a saboteur and Resistance fighter. Even Pete realised that his luck would run out one day, but he never […]

Winged Dagger

Issue Number: 5080

After he was wounded on a raid, they told Major Jeff Turner he wasn’t fit to fight with the Special Air Service any more. So he was transferred from the heroes who wore the winged dagger badge on their berets to command a unit that acted as a firefighting detail! These men were just a […]

Dangerous Dawn

Issue Number: 5056

Look at the map of the South Pacific. Between Australia and New Guinea, you’ll find the Coral Sea. It was here in the Second World War that some of the fiercest and bloodiest naval fighting took place. Yet, of all the heroes these battles threw up, and there were many, none could compare with Petty […]