Commando comics aim to tell exciting and interesting stories suitable for readers of all ages. On land, at sea, and in the air, Commando’s stories cover every corner of the globe and are set throughout world history, the epic tales of bravery in battle making Commando Comics the Home of Heroes! Four new Commando stories are published each month, and we strive to have variety in every release. Behind each of these stories is a brilliant creative team. Below you will find all the intel you need for submitting your work for consideration.

New Artists

For new interior artists, submissions should show the ability to tell strong sequential stories through black and white art.

New cover artists should demonstrate the ability to create stunning, eye-catching images in full colour.

A link to a personal online portfolio and five to eight pages of work from previous projects will be sufficient, with a sample brief being available upon request. It should be noted that no payment will be made for artwork trials.

All submissions should show the ability to feature a diverse cast relevant to the era, and accuracy in regards to uniforms, machinery, artillery, etc. Although a great knowledge of technical and service background is not essential, we strive to be as accurate as possible in Commando comics. When illustrating specific artillery, machinery, uniforms, etc., please do ensure all details are accurate.

If you have what it takes to ink these exciting action stories or create incredible covers, please email your submission to us.

Artwork Submissions: What Happens Next?

All art submissions will be reviewed by the editorial and design team. We will strive to provide feedback for every new submission, but please allow up to eight weeks for your submission to be reviewed.

Successful candidates will be provided with a fully edited script or brief, as well as any necessary reference images.

Artists should note that no horrific scenes are ever used, and the brutal side of war should not be featured unless otherwise stated. Please refrain from depicting excessive violence, torture, or injury detail unless explicitly stated in the script.

Commando comics often have a hugely diverse cast. Offensive material will not be accepted. Racist or offensive depictions will be removed, or a redraw will be requested. Please avoid stereotyping when illustrating a book.

New Pitches

Please note: Commando pitch submissions are currently closed. Please check back regularly for further information.

Your pitch should include an introductory summary and a short, but detailed, synopsis of the complete story. The introduction should only be a couple of sentences long, whilst the synopsis should reach roughly 1000 words, clearly showing the plot’s development. Commando comics span 63 pages, so please bear this in mind when creating your pitch.

Pitches can be set during any era of conflict, from the Roman Empire up until the 1980s. Wars during the 1990s may be considered as long as they handle the subject matter sensitively and appropriately.

As Commando has a vast amount of history to draw inspiration from, the cast can also be hugely diverse. Stories are often told from the hero’s perspective, but the tales do not necessarily have to be a standard ‘good versus evil’ format. The stories should be about adventures occasioned by the war, not just about warfare. Emotional conflict and character development is key to an interesting story which will grasp the reader’s attention.

Stories do not need to be about Commandos. Any branch of the Army, Navy or Air Force may be used. Principle characters can be of any nationality. Although a great knowledge of technical and service background is not essential, we strive to be as accurate as possible in Commando comics. When including specific artillery, machinery, regiments, foreign terms, etc., please do ensure the details are accurate.

We are aiming to branch out from familiar Commando themes of rescuing someone or something from enemy territory; wiping out a secret weapon in enemy territory; conflict between veteran sergeants and their young lieutenants; characters starting out as rivals and ending as friends. Although these ideas are still acceptable, they must have an original and refreshing take on the story to carry the well-worn theme.

Offensive material will not be accepted. Racism and derogatory terms should never be used. Please do not make conflict encouraged by heritage and/or culture a central theme of your story.

If you have an exciting story to tell, please email your pitch to us.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the home page for specific calls for pitches.

Pitch Submissions: What Happens Next?

All new pitches are read by the editorial team. Due to the high number of ideas we receive, immediate feedback will not be possible. Please allow up to four weeks for your pitch to be reviewed.

If your pitch is successful, a member of the team will be in touch to discuss next steps for scripting your story.