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Your Commando Comic needs YOU!

Commando is Britain’s longest serving war comic, publishing stories of action and adventure since 1961. These stories, with their mixture of excitement, danger and courage under fire, and the dynamic artwork that accompanies them, have won Commando a loyal readership over the decades.

On land, at sea, and in the air, Commando’s stories cover every corner of the globe and are set throughout world history, the epic tales of bravery in battle making Commando Comics the Home of Heroes!


Your Commando Comic Needs YOU!

ATTENTION!!! The Commando Team are on a special mission to gather important intel – and they need your help, troops!

Volunteers are needed to complete a short survey to let the Commando Team’s backroom boffins know what they think of the comics. This is an exciting opportunity for all loyal readers who want their voice to be heard, and the results will be used to debrief the top brass back at Commando HQ!

Recruits who choose to venture into this uncharted territory have the opportunity to win one of five £20 Amazon gift cards!

Candidates who want to enlist can complete this quick survey here!

Good luck, troops!

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