The Collection

Attention, troops! Here’s where you’ll find out the intel on Commando. The Collection features classic cover images and information about the books, their time periods, settings and the creators involved. Perhaps your favourite artist has drawn the cover or the interior illustrations? We hope you enjoy searching through these special Intelligence files.

The Secret Torpedo

Issue Number: 5770

Lieutenant Bob Warren was an expert at defusing German bombs and mines and was quite used to odd hours and strange workplaces. So when he was awakened in the middle of the night and told there was another job to be done, he wasn’t too concerned. But when he realised that his destination was enemy-occupied […]


Issue Number: 5768

Mitch Mitchell had had his fill of the army. He’d lost his corporal’s stripes when they busted him for taking a swipe at an officer. But by hard work and guts, he eventually climbed back to the dizzy heights of sergeant. But then he’d lost his temper once more… and bang went his stripes again. […]

Simple Simon

Issue Number: 5767

In 1944, the unluckiest soldier in the world, Billy Mooney, parachuted straight into enemy territory, landing right in the middle of a POW camp! The German soldiers in charge couldn’t believe they had captured the thickest Tommy in the entire fighting force. You see, after several accidents and mishaps throughout the war, this was Billy’s […]

Date with Destiny

Issue Number: 5764

An old woman looked into the palms of three men — an Englishman, a German and a Frenchman — and foretold what strange and fearful fates lay in store for them. She was probably dead by the time the Second World War engulfed Europe in flames but not one of the three ever forgot their […]

Zeppelin Raid

Issue Number: 5763

In 1915, Germany took The Great War to the British people when mammoth zeppelins rained bombs, fire, and destruction on Great Yarmouth. Seeing the devastation of his hometown, Royal Navy Lieutenant Billy Cavendish couldn’t be stopped from joining the Royal Navy Air Service as a fighter pilot to take down the Kaiser’s deadly airships once […]

Don’t Shoot!

The sergeant couldn’t believe his ears when Lieutenant Ron Deal ordered the men to lay down their arms. This was the brave officer who led them from the battlefields of France to the scorching sands of the North African desert. He’d never been known to give in without a fight, so what was he up […]

Fallen Sabre

Issue Number: 5761

Inspired by true events…   During the ferocious fighting of the air war in Korea, both Allied and Communist forces were desperate to gain any edge in battle. Soviet-built MiG-15s duelled with American F-86 Sabres in the skies known as “MiG Alley” — and they would stop at nothing to capture an enemy aircraft intact! […]