McGinty’s Mob

Issue Number: 5372

Hooky Holland was six foot four, with a steel hook for a left hand. But his right hand had the strength of two.

Busty Brown had been a First World War bugler — but could also put a bullet through a stag’s eye at 400 yards.

Lindbaur was nearly fifty, and a German. But what that man could do with explosions was uncanny.

Amil Singh was a six foot muscular Sikh who could make his big sword sing, and could break a Nazi neck fifty yard away with his iron throwing quoits.

These four were only some of the British Army rejects sent to Sergeant Mike McGinty in the Pioneer Corps. They looked a hopeless lot, but McGinty swapped their shovels for guns and formed his new fighting outfit — McGinty’s Mob!


Story: E Hebden

Art: Victor de la Fuente

Cover:  Segrelles