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  1. Commando Spreads Its Wings

    Commando Spreads Its Wings


    Commando Comics team up with Osprey Books to bring out the most historically accurate war comics ever.

  2. Commando Marches On: An Interview with Editor Calum Laird

    Commando Marches On: An Interview with Editor Calum Laird


    The Editor talks about Commando, war comics and Charley's War

  3. Per Mare Per Terram

    Per Mare Per Terram


    Commando commissions a special story for the Royal Marines' 350th anniversary.

  4. App-y Days Are Here Again

    App-y Days Are Here Again


    Commando's iOS app gets a major revision for better speed, ease of reading and extra features.

  5. Commando Postercards

    Commando Postercards


    Commando Postercards for every buyer.

  6. Attention, Android Users

    Attention, Android Users


    Commando's digital subscription service is now available for Android devices.

  7. Operation Nachthexen

    Operation Nachthexen


    Commando's first-ever female lead character takes to the skies

  8. Operation Kindle Has Begun

    Operation Kindle Has Begun


    Commando now has a Kindle Edition. This page is linked to the first titles and there will be more to come.